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Do I need an accountant?

Most people in any business, including sole-traders, know that they need an accountant, but perhaps do not realise what added value one can give. An article published in the online version of the Halifax Courier is intended to explain the benefits of having a good accountant and gives a few tips on what to look … Continued

Auto Enrolment Pensions

Auto Enrolment Pensions – From 6 April 2018 the minimum employers have to contribute into their staff’s pensions goes up from 1% to 2%. At the same time the staff’s.minimum contributions will go up from 1% to 3%. In April 2019 there will be further increases which will bring employer contributions up to a minimum … Continued

Budget 2017: changes for buy to let and corporate landlords

Indexation allowance is to be withdrawn and will be frozen at 31 December 2017. Under existing rules companies have been able to claim an indexation allowance which takes account of inflation and reduces the capital gain when disposing of property. This is heading in the direction of bringing corporate ownership taxation of gains more in … Continued